Costa Rica
- March 13, 2024

Building together a Sustainable Future

Dive into the transformative priority of UWC Costa Rica as they pioneer sustainable construction to combat climate change.

Aerial photo from new campus

United with Costa Rica, we are poised to confront the climate crisis head-on through sustainable construction, propelling the nation’s pioneering decarbonization plan for 2050.

The challenge is immense: Construction materials contribute half of the world’s annual solid waste, while built environments produce 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with buildings alone responsible for 37%. Moreover, 40-50% of global material resources are allocated to housing, construction, and infrastructure. Challenging conventional construction and materials usage paradigms is crucial for a sustainable future.

Our response is bold: By 2025, UWC Costa Rica will raise a new sustainable infrastructure, including a state-of-the-art campus and a cutting-edge Sustainability and Innovation Center. These structures will serve as beacons of sustainable design, integrating energy-efficient methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.

Key strategies include utilizing timber as the primary construction material for its lighter weight, natural insulation, and lower carbon footprint than concrete and steel. Water efficiency will be enhanced through rainwater and greywater harvesting systems, while solar energy will be harnessed through photovoltaic cells and solar water heating technologies. Indoor environmental quality will be optimized through ventilation strategies and shading systems, while ecological education will be integrated into the buildings to promote sustainable living practices.

Sustainable site practices will be prioritized, leveraging timber’s carbon-sequestering properties and pursuing LEED Certification and RESET standards. This holistic approach aims to minimize environmental impact throughout the infrastructure’s design, construction, and operation phases.

Your impact is invaluable: Together, we will create a sustainable campus and Innovation Center model, offering individuals and communities a life-changing opportunity within a globally diverse learning environment. Your support will enable us to expand student capacity, deepen our commitment to sustainability, and foster cross-disciplinary programs to nurture leadership skills to champion sustainable development and promote peace.

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