- March 13, 2024

United in Peace: Building Open Spaces for Inclusive Communities

Learn how open spaces are being transformed into vibrant hubs for cultural exchange, recreation, and economic empowerment, fostering unity among diverse communities.

Students representing UWC Costa Rica in San Isidro

In response to the imperative need for public spaces, particularly in rapidly urbanizing areas, UWC Costa Rica’s new campus in San Isidro de Heredia is set to be a beacon of inclusivity and sustainability. By harnessing the power of open spaces, we aim to cultivate a sense of belonging and unity among diverse communities.

Since its inception, UWC Costa Rica has been committed to fostering an environment where individuals from all walks of life feel valued and respected. Through immersive projects and community engagement initiatives, students have dedicated thousands of hours to bridging cultural divides and promoting environmental stewardship.

With the establishment of our new campus, slated for completion by 2025, we envision a collaborative effort with the San Isidro community to create open areas that serve as platforms for cultural exchange, recreational activities, and economic empowerment. These spaces will facilitate social interactions and encourage dialogue and mutual learning.

Furthermore, sustainability lies at the core of our design philosophy. We are committed to preserving the natural beauty of the surrounding ecosystem and minimizing our environmental footprint. From constructing a black box theater to developing in-forest trails, every aspect of our campus is designed with the utmost respect for biodiversity and ecological balance.

Together, we can build a model for peace and sustainability that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. By supporting the creation of open spaces, you become a catalyst for positive change, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and build a brighter future for future generations. Join us in our mission to create a world where inclusivity, safety, resilience, and sustainability are the cornerstones of vibrant communities.

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